V.ROTTEC Motion Tubular is a flooded small traction battery with robust tubular positive plates.

V.ROTTEC Motion Tubular
CategoryBatery Type TABNo of Cycles (EN 60254-1/25⁰C)Voltage [V]C5 [Ah]C20 [Ah]C100 [Ah]LengthWidthHeightWeight (kg)
Flooded – TubularRT55-1212001255606527817519018,2
Flooded – TubularRT90-121200129011011530317522828,7
Flooded – TubularRT95-1212001295115130344172212/23430,0
Flooded – TubularRT120-12120012120140155344172262/28437,3
Flooded – TubularRT145-12120012145165180512223194/22047,3
Flooded – TubularRT180-6G12006180220240244190270/28130,5
Flooded – TubularRT210-6G12006210250270244190270/28131,5

+ Premium tubular plate construction with free electrolyte ensure long operating life

+ High rate discharge capability

+ Perfect solution for applications which are used in difficult working conditions,

+ Reliable and durable – gives 1200 cycles performance

+ Golf carts

+ Cleaning Machines

+ Wheelchairs

+ Mobile elevating work platforms

+ Electric elevating platform trucks

+ Solar systems

Batteries can be recharged with  50 Hz or HF charger. The charging profile is Wa WoWa, IUIa; WUIa acc. to DIN 41773 and 41774.

Number of cycles: 1200 (IEC / EN 60254-1 / 25 °C)