ROTTEC SA looking forward to the future, helps to progressively move from traditional appliances to new technologies, offering to the Greek market the high frequency chargers ZIVAN of international Group  Zapi.

ZIVAN high-frequency chargers improve the operating conditions in charging areas, providing security, high efficiency, economy and excellent quality.

With cutting-edge technology in the charging process, they are rightly called “controlled charging” chargers, as they are equipped with a separate operating system that controls and analyzes all parameters, delivering optimal power to the needs of the battery.

ZIVAN high frequency chargers covers a wide range of different charging curves according to user needs and are the smart ally for each battery!


  • Exceptional charging quality.
  • 15% of saving on the charging costs.
  • Water consumption almost halved.
  • Battery maintenance reduced.
  • Lower gas emissions.
  • Weight and size about 10 times reduced
  • Every battery charger can be embarked.
  • Quick charge opportunity avoiding any battery damage.
  • Flexibility: charge is independent from the mains variations.
  • Due to the battery’s temperature variation according to the climate environment and the working conditions, ZINAN remed this incovinience, offering thermal sensor to all the models as an optional.